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Hello Everyone,

It's been a good while since I've posted a journal entry. It's about time, since I have pretty exciting news for all the Akhal-Teke lovers! I went to a rare breeds horse show and had the honor of photographing some of the finest Akhal-Tekes ever to be seen. Stallions, mares, AT sporthorses, and AT young. Some of the other breeds were the Caspian, Fell Pony, Dartmoor Pony, and Lippitt Morgan to name a few.

So I ended up with thousands of shots since I used sport mode for the first time on my Canon 6D camera. I rented a new lens, the Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8 IS II. The depth of field on it was beautiful! Very heavy though, so I had to use a tripod. Was able to get decent lighting with it even though we were in an indoor arena with sharp contrast sunlight from the door and windows. In the past I have mostly used a Canon EF 70-300 F/4.0-5.6, and that lens is still my top choice after the 70-200.

I will be posting these photos over the next few weeks as I find time to edit and prep them. They are mostly rider-less, but there are plenty of halters and bridles to edit out. So please be patient as I get them out. I hope you enjoy these glorious horses as much as I did!


United States


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